Services for Italian Dual Citizenship

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We guarantee top quality and affordable services that will make your application process an easy one! All of your documents are kept strictly confidential.


We provide professional translation of all documents required for dual citizenship. The price covers the translation of all one-page American documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses/certificates, and death certificates. All other documents, including divorce decrees, are reviewed by the chief translator for pricing. A Certificate of Translation is provided for all translations.

Italian Vital Record Procurement

We procure Italian Vital Records from Towns and Municipalities throughout Italy. The price includes preparation of your record request to the Italian Public Source, and follow-up contacts by our Procurement Specialists in Italy, if needed (calls, faxes and/or emails to complete your order). We are also able to obtain registration of birth and/or marriage records of newly recognized Italian Citizens if required for issuance of your EU (European Union) passport. We are extremely successful in working with all of our Italian Community!

Naturalization Record Search

In adherence to the guidelines outlined by the Italian Consulate, the search for your ancestor's Naturalization Records is submitted to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Servcies (USCIS) - Homeland Security to obtain the Records, or Official Statement of Non-Existence of Records from USCIS in Washington, D.C., the National Archives, and State and County Courts. A review of the 1910, 1920, and 1930 U.S. Census Reports is conducted if required by the Consulate of your Jurisdiction in order to verify your ancestor's naturalization status. We are experts in working with the government sources in obtaining the records that you need!

$275.00 to conduct a full search records of State, Federal, and County Courts includes certification of records or certificate of non-existence of naturaliztion records (if a Certified Census Report is required by your Consulate in the event that no naturalization records are found by the US Government for your ancestor an additional fee of $115.00 will be required at the end of the search).  These Services can only be obtained by you or your ancestor, please see the naturalization tab. 

Apostille Services

Our U.S. Record Consultant can get your U.S. Vital Records (birth, marriage, death certificates) legalized with the Apostille for the Country of Italy. Service includes requisite letter, cost of the Apostille Seal, preparation of return envelope, shipping and handling, and follow-up contact with the Secretary of State's Office if needed. We obtain Apostille from all 50 States!

Italian Genealogy Search

We can locate Italian birth, marriage, and death records of your ancestors if you do not have the information needed to procure these required documents. Email us the name of the person that you wish to research, the type of record that you wish to locate, the town where this event took place, and the approximate year of the person's birth, marriage or death to receive a complimentary research plan!

Research Plans Customized to fit your needs

We can assist you in gathering needed documents from the U.S. and Italian Vital Records Offices, obtain Apostille and provide Translations of the required documents. 

Consultation, Record/Apostille Procurement, Translation Contact us to obtain a custom quote based on your individual situation.


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